Custom Fantasies for your Darkest Desires

                                         ★Deposit Required★

From the moment you succumb, an anonymous contact method, (yahoo, kik, email, twitter), is established and a connection is made. My Unique brand of seduction and mental bondage begins...

Your Boundaries WILL be tested, while your limits are respected...

      ★ Dolled Up and Taken★

Do you linger over the Victoria's Secret catalog for a DIFFERENT reason? Do you CRAVE the feel of silk panties against your ass AND the feel of them being yanked down?  

W/we will discuss your cravings to be dressed and used as a dirty girl. After I have compromised your will and masculinity, then come your "assignments", (Depending on your experience level and eagerness to serve). By the time you finally lay eyes on Me you will be BEGGING to pleasure a Superior Cock for My amusement. W/we will either go shopping together for your slutty clothes, make-up, and wig OR I will arrive with your preselected items from online. After a thorough inspection, Ill break in My new toy and get you ready for ANYTHING that "cums" your way. (continuous online contact leading up to session

          ★ Cuckolds and Cocktails ★

Do you crave a woman who you can NEVER satisfy? Is your fantasy to be humiliated by an Evil Temptress and her Superior Lover? 

There is NOTHING more delicious to Me then your hot, burning, shame. After I delve into your insecurities to find out what TRULY makes you feel inferior, you will marvel in how I exploit your weaknesses. After we meet, you will prepare Me to seduce another man while you watch immasculated and overwhelmed with desire. Then off to a dinner date, just the three of us. We'll drink and flirt while you watch, we'll dance and kiss while you watch, and THEN.... well you get the idea, (online Cuckoldress Domination leading to a multi-hour session)

★ Expert Role Play ★


Build a fire online and stoke it until its an INFERNO when W/we meet

I have a true talent for Psychological Games, the more intricate, the BETTER

★ Teacher/student


★Spy Interrogation

★ Taboo 


★Blackmail and SO much More